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Like the medicinally rich black tar which they derived their name, shelajit represents the primal embodiment of the deep, mysterious, void of creation.  As a lifelong dancer, they create music to inspire potent dancefloor journeys.   Shelajit's sound is an array of earthy bass, deep dubstep, downtempo, and half-time with organic textures, dreamy soundscapes, and layered percussion. They feel most inspired when they collaborate with other artists and values the potency of unified self-expression.  

As an offering to their Chinese ancestors, they weave live guzheng (traditional Chinese Harp) into their compositions and performances.  Oftentimes they are accompanied on stage with other instrumentalists and dancers adorned in original costumes and ritual elements.  

On a deeper level, this project aims to unify creative individuals, honor our origins, and permission listeners to feel.




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